Meet the Staff

Our Executive Director is Natalie Hemminger, with the centre since June 2001.

Our Early Childhood Educators include Lynette Seadon (Assistant Director since 2005), Michelle Stoesz (Infant/Nursery Supervisor since 2008), Bindu Shijo (2015), Jayni Bergen (2017), Esther Wogberg (2017), Sydney Gerbrandt (2017), Kasia M’Pinda Cimanga (2015 )and Judy Luden (2018).  We are known respectively as Mrs. H, Mrs. L, Mrs. Michelle, Mrs. Bindu, Mrs. Jayni, Mrs. W., Mrs. Sydney, Ms. K and Ms. Judy.  Our ECE in training is Nicole Sumka who started with us recently!

Our Child Care Assistants include Pat McVeigh -with the centre since 1994, Beth Watt (since 2004), , and Erica Friesen(2017).  We are known as Mrs. M, Mrs. B, and Mrs. Erica respectively.